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UZE Ads brings your advertising message to the right place at the right time. With the most modern cab advertising in the world. Your advertising can be targeted by location, time and weather. Without wastage. Maximum flexibility at a favorable price for your business.

Ask us, we will be happy to advise you on our cost effective world first.


UZE Ads also pursues an innovative approach for the Digital out of Home (DooH) market. As part of a platform strategy, we bring agencies and advertisers together with publishers and advertising networks on the UZE DooH Marketplace. We place a particular focus on the marketing of mobile advertising media.

The Mobility Advertising approach as well as the technical competence in combination with exclusive mobility data form the USP of UZE Ads.


On the one hand, we offer agencies and customers the opportunity to access large and relevant advertising networks for their advertising playout via the UZE Marketplace. On the other hand, the UZE Marketplace offers network operators the chance to market their advertising space more relevantly and attractively. Based on mobility data such as geo-position and data from external providers, such as weather and socio-demographic data, campaign-specific targeting options are developed for our advertising partners and specifically addressed to the desired target groups.

The UZE Marketplace is characterized by its standardized offer and booking platform, which makes DooH advertising bookings and the marketing of advertising space much more efficient and effective.

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