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UZE Ads arranges advertising space around the cab. Nationwide, we have grown as the German market leader for over 22 years and are present in many countries around the world.

As an innovation driver and promoter of the cab industry, we have also already invested over 50 million euros in the German cab industry.

With digital roof advertising, new and higher earning opportunities are available: As a cab operator, you receive a high fixed fee per vehicle for digital rooftop advertising and also a variable share, depending on advertising utilization and driving time.

In close cooperation with professional partners, software and a carrier structure were developed to meet the demanding conditions on the roof of a cab in Germany. The result is a robust, roadworthy and weather-resistant digital display that meets the high safety requirements in vehicle construction.

The roof-mounted advertising display is connected to the car battery and only functions as long as the battery's state of charge is sufficient for the primary supply. The display has a TÜV certificate and an EMC certificate; it has also successfully passed a crash test.

In addition to digital roof advertising, we also offer classic cab advertising on side doors or headrest advertising.

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