Earn money monthly with your screens!

UZE Ads not only delivers ads and campaigns on cabs. We are also looking for partners and businesses to install our Smartbox on their screens that can generate recurring revenue. Our platform is designed as a complete end-to-end solution that enables our partners and clients to strengthen their brand and audience targeting, gain analytical insights into customer traffic and generate additional revenue at the same time.

Some of the advantages of the Smartbox are:

- Plug & Play solution - immediate connection to our marketplace
- Allows you to have a valuable advertising space
- Immediate planning and activation of campaigns via the UZE marketplace
- Hyper-local targeting with national and regional campaigns

With Smartbox, you decide which commercials to play. All you need is WIFI and an HDMI-enabled TV.

Advantages of a partnership with UZE:

- Generate passive income for your business
- Reach over 400 people every day with your personal ads
- Only 25% of the costs compared to classic billboard advertising
- Precise location marketing for your business
- Daily customer service

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